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A team of outstanding researchers at EzCostec researches individual skin concerns and produce customized products.

Foot Peeling

Foot Peeling Mask Pack removes thick and stubborn dead skin off the foot and leaves skin smooth and soft.

Foot Peeling
Foot Peeling
Foot Peeling
Foot Peeling
1 Step Foot Peeling
  • Product Types
    Sock Type / Mask for Foot Only
  • Specifications
    PE + Felt / 2 Sheets / Sticker
  • Patent
    Korean Patent No.10-1005321
  • Product Features
    • A foot sheet specially designed to be separated into two pieces.
    • Specially designed dual fabric makes it easy to use.
    • Made with outer fabric (PE) and inner fabric (felt), the sheet is packaged using one pouch to cut material cost. With felt on the inner fabric charged with essence, each sheet is a convenient 1-step product.

What are the characteristics of Foot Peeling Mask?

Find out more about Foot Peeling Mask applied with EzCostec’s special technology.

Effective dead skin peeling care

Active ingredient AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) is known to be effective in removing not only aged dead skin but also the thick keratinous layer.

Convenient to use

The product in one-piece is convenient to use.
A patented loop makes it free to move!

Low irritant dead skin care

A gentle dead skin care that makes skin naturally shed dead ski, not stimulate skin from chemical removal.

Contain plant-derived extracts

Twelve plant-derived extracts, moisturizers and urea (carbamide) relieve irritation on sensitized skin during a dead skin care while protecting skin.

Patented convenience

Fine out more about patents of EzCostec Foot Peeling Mask.

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The mask is a patented sticker loop type exclusive to EzCostec. Specially designed to be fixed to the ankle, the mask prevents leakage or discomfort even when in motion.

Korean Patent No.10-1005321

A wide selection of design can be customized per request.

Design production and printing can be customized per request.