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A team of outstanding researchers at EzCostec researches individual skin concerns and produce customized products.


Various products formulated with available and/or popular materials and ingredients are matched with optimized solutions or prescriptions can be developed as per request.

  • Pad

    EzCostec Dead Skin Pad, slipped into fingers and soft to touch, can be used on the entire face. The pad helps improve the appearance and feel of dead skin while toning skin texture and hydrating skin.

  • Tissue

    Portable and convenient, cleaning or makeup remover tissues can be used to wipe away makeup anytime anywhere.

  • Cotton Swab

    Cotton swabs can be used to apply makeup, cleanly tone or remove excessive oil or wastes in areas, such as T-zone, the ala of the nose and wrinkles.

  • Hot Eye Mask

    Made with built-in hot steam and soft fabric, the mask can easily relieve fatigue in the eye area anytime anywhere.

  • Foot Patch

    Before going to bed, apply the patch to the sole. Penetrated active ingredients make the foot sweat and help discharge wastes accumulated in the body.

  • Nose Pack Sheet

    An intensive care effectively removes blackheads and whiteheads in the nose area and leaves skin smooth and moist.

  • Spot Patch

    A transparent sticker type patch containing active ingredients continues to treat the trouble spot and help improve or relieve its condition.