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Introducing EzCostec, the leader in mask pack OEM & ODM production.


EzCostec, the corporation in search of tomorrow’s value

The path walked with our customers became the impetus for EzCostec’s infinite growth.

  • Won the 10 Million Dollars Export Tower Award
  • Supplied bio fabric to Jayjun Cosmetic
  • Supplied 7 varieties of hair products and 6 varieties of bio products to SNP
  • Supplied hand masks to Patchology, USA
  • Patented “Kkongji-meori” (Pig’s Tail Hair)
  • Supplied bio materials to MartiDerm
  • Established Vietnam LLC and expanded production of bio cellulose sheet fabric
  • Patented 2-step Hair Cap (No. 1878420 and 1879765)
  • Supplied fabric to Watson (Zhong Shang Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.)
  • Supplied Bio Fitting Cell Masks to SNP
  • Supplied bio fabric to Kolmask
  • Supplied five varieties of mask to HatchBeauty, USA
  • Moved fabric factory to increase capacity up to 7 million sheets per month (5 million sheets on average)
  • Supplied to Briskin
  • Supplied bio fabric to Proya Cosmetics, China
  • Supplied PB nails and foot to Sephora China
  • Supplied bio cellulose to AmorePacific
  • Obtained the certificate Cosmetic GMP ISO22716
  • Supplied bio cellulose to Kolmar Bio Inc., based in Beijing, China
  • Expanded the second bio cellulose factory to increase capacity up to 1 million sheets
  • Launched Sephora PB
  • Built a new factory in Osan, Korea
  • Registered a patent for bio cellulose sheet
  • Exported bio masks to Rodial, United Kingdom
  • Supplied hand/foot packs to CMM, China
  • Developed Chitosan Melting Mask
  • Supplied bio fabric to Cosmax China
  • Contracted large-scale supplies of bio cellulose to Cosmax China
  • Signed an agreement with the national research institution (IOOP) in Vietnam
  • Received recognition for the corporate affiliated research center
  • Supplied to Sephora, USA
  • Established a corporate body and bio cellulose factory in Vietnam
  • Supplied seven varieties of mask pack to Watsons, Hong Kong
  • Started to research and develop bio cellulose in Vietnam
  • Supplied bio masks to Leaders Cosmetic
  • Supplied hand/foot packs to Face Q by Uni-President Enterprises in Taiwan
  • Received recognition for the department specializing in research and development
  • Supplied 22 varieties of mask packs to Dodo Trading in Japan
  • Moved business in Gajang-dong, Osan City
  • Registered a patent for disposable vinyl gloves designed to give a combined manicure and hand care
  • Supplied mask packs to Elisha Coy in Korea
  • Supplied products to Kwailnara by Hanbul Cosmetics in Korea
  • Registered a patent for a hand mask (No. 10-1005321)
  • Supplied hand/foot packs to Nature Republic in Korea
  • Supplied hand/foot packs to It’s Skin by Hanbul Cosmetics in Korea
  • Obtained ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008
  • Supplied hand/foot packs to Missha in Korea
  • Founded EzCostec Co. Ltd.