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Introducing EzCostec, the leader in mask pack OEM & ODM production.



CI Symbol Type
  • SYMBOL 01 Excellent Technology
  • SYMBOL 02 Sincere Honesty to Customers
  • SYMBOL 03 Nature-friendly Corporation
  • SYMBOL 04 Global Corporation
A Corporation Based on Brilliant Technology
Reaching out to the World

EzCostec delivers its core value to customers through the emblem harmoniously symbolizing four concepts: technology, sincere honesty, nature and the world.

Color system


By principle, the main color of the EzCostec logo is used on the basic white background.

  • EZCOSTEC SKY BLUE Pantone Color 3115 C C75 M0 Y23 K0 R0 G190 B214
  • EZCOSTEC BLUE Pantone Color 7683 C C79 M58 Y15 K0 R65 G103 B160

Cannot be used on the background in colors other than black and white.

  • EZCOSTEC BLACK Pantone BLACK C C78 M75 Y78 54 R45 G42 B38
  • EZCOSTEC GRAY Pantone Cool Gray 9C C62 M53 Y48 K0 R118 G119 B122