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A team of outstanding researchers at EzCostec researches individual skin concerns and produce customized products.


Bio cellulose, made from 100% natural fermented coconut water, is an ultra-fine sheet applied with EzCostec’s exclusive nano technology.
Free of preservatives, the fabric minimizes skin irritation, and built on a three-dimensional mesh structure, the premium sheet feels not only soft on skin but also high in essence absorption and adhesiveness on the skin.

Bust Patch
Body Care
  • Point 01. Free of preservatives, 100% natural fabric made from fermented coconut water minimizes skin irritation.
  • Point 02. Skin care sheet products applied to various body parts, such as neck, abdomen, chest, arm and hip, promote healthy beauty.
  • Point 03. With excellent penetration, the fabric fully absorbs essence and delivers active ingredients to the skin.
  • Point 04. Natural cooling effects of the fabric lower skin temperature and helps soothe sensitized skin.

What is “bio cellulose”?

Bio cellulose is a naturally-derived high-molecular sheet made from fermented coconut water which is developed with EzCostec’s exclusive cultivation technology.
The fabric is soft and thin enough to be “the second skin,” and free of preservatives it minimizes skin irritation.

01. Fermentation (2 weeks)
02. Mid-term Preparation
03. Fermentation System
04. Coconut Jelly Sheet
05. Folding Treatment
06. Packaging

Micro-fine Mesh Structure

In comparison with the spun lace sheet, the bio cellulose sheet is about 500 times thinner in diameter, and 1,000 times thinner than the pulp sheet. This property of bio cellulose makes it excellent for absorbing and retaining functional essence.

  • Wood-pulp

    Diameter of the fiber : 20,000~50,000nm
    An irregular and loose structure

  • Spunlace

    Diameter of the fiber : 10,000~15,000nm
    An irregular and loose structure

  • Bio-Cellulose

    Diameter of the fiber : 20~100nm
    A dense three-dimensional micro-fine mesh structure

Cooling Effect & Skin Soothing

Compare before bio-cellulose is applied and after bio cellulose is applied

Before bio cellulose is applied, skin surface temperature is high, indicated by red is confirmed. After bio-cellulose is applied, skin temperature rapidly drops, indicated by blue is confirmed.

Cooling Effects of Bio Cellulose

While a bio cellulose sheet remains intact, the skin surface temperature continues to drop about 5℃ on average, thus the product’s cooling effect is confirmed.

바이오-셀룰로오스 쿨링효과 도표 [ Diagram of Cooling Effects of Bio Cellulose ]

Strict Performance Test

Results of Bio Cellulose Detection Test
This evaluation test is limited to a bio-cellulose sheet without any support.
  • 10 harmful cosmetic substances undetected
    (Lead, nickel, arsenic, mercury antimony, cadmium, dioxsane, methanol, phthalate, formaldehyde)
  • 6 parabens undetected
  • Phynoxyethanol undetected
  • Fluorescent whitening agent undetected