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A team of outstanding researchers at EzCostec researches individual skin concerns and produce customized products.


Various products formulated with available and/or popular materials and ingredients are matched with optimized solutions or prescriptions can be developed as per request.

Facial Single
Facial Single
Facial Dual
Face & Neck
Eye & Lip Zone
Butterfly Patch
Forehead Mask
Face Care
  • Point 01. By creating an air-tight environment on the skin surface, a sheet mask helps skin absorb active ingredients from the essence held by the sheet.
  • Point 02. Depending on the efficacy of active ingredients and materials, features and effects may vary.
  • Point 03. Sheet masks made of various materials can be custom-developed, and they can be optimally matched with customized solutions or functions, such as moisturizing, soothing and/or nourishing cares.

Types of Natural Materials for Sheets

Find out more about mask pack fabric types customizable at EzCostec.

Pure Cotton
Bubble Black
Aloe Vera

The Property of Natural Ingredients

Find out more about the property of natural ingredients.

  • Pure Cotton

    A natural material made from fibers of cotton flowers feels soft and adheres comfortably to skin.

  • Cupra

    A type of recycled fiber is unlike ordinary fibers as it is known to have excellent absorption power and adhesiveness to skin and helps increase the penetration of essence.

  • Tencel

    A patented natural material made of eucalyptus offers moisturization and hydration, the property of eucalyptus, to the skin, while it feels smooth on the skin.

  • Bubble Black

    Developed by applying the principle of carbonated water forming bubbles on the skin surface, the mask softens and cleanses skin.

  • Aloe Vera

    Rich in vitamin A, C, and E, natural aloe vera fiber is known to have unique absorption and moisture-proof properties. Highly adhesive on the skin, aloe vera can effectively deliver active ingredients.

  • Seaweed

    Seaweed-derived fiber derived from brown seaweed, sea kelp and agar-agar is known to have a moisture-holing property, thus the fiber retains excellent moisture absorption and gives skin rich moisturizing effects.

  • Chitosan

    Chitosan deeply penetrates into pores and makes skin clean on both inside and outside.

  • Camellia

    A sheet naturally derived from camellia known to have skin-hydrating and -moisturizing effects gives dehydrated skin moisture and radiance.

Fabric Types

Compare fabric by type.

  • Spun Lace
    • Affordable price
    • Dense structural composition
    • Low-irritant / Soft to touch
    • The most popular sheet type
  • Cotton
    • Natural fiber
    • Excellent absorption
  • Cellulose
    • Cooling effects
    • Excellent adhesiveness
    • Excellent absorption
    • Low-irritant
  • Micro-fiber
    • Thin fiber
    • Excellent delivery of active ingredients
    • Excellent adhesiveness & fixture
  • Vacuum Evaporation
    • Skin protection
    • Prevention of moisture evaporation