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A team of outstanding researchers at EzCostec researches individual skin concerns and produce customized products.


Various types of containers can be custom-manufactured.

  • Spout
    • Priced more affordably, a spout type container is a great value-for-money option allowing users to divide dosage into 2~3 times.
    • Easy to use, convenient and portable.
  • Stick
    • A stick type container prevents contamination or spoilage of the content while keeping the formula safe and fresh.
    • Individually packaged, a stick type product is hygienic, portable and easy to use anytime anywhere.
  • Spray
    • A mist type formula can be used for various applications and cares for face, body, hair and dead skin.
    • Quick and easy spraying for faster spot cares.
  • Cap Type(Tissue)
    • Tissues in a container type can be simply pulled up one sheet at a time to cleanse or remove makeup.
    • From small size for portability to large format, various container sizes can be developed.
  • Jar
    • A jar type container designed to hold multiple sheets can have various purposes, such as dead skin remover, toner and cleanser.
    • A jar type container designed to hold multiple patches can have various purposes, such as intensive spot care for eyes or lips.
  • Etc
    • From cleansing to facial skin care and body care to point or base makeup formulas, various formats and types including tube and Heavy blow can be developed.