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A team of outstanding researchers at EzCostec researches individual skin concerns and produce customized products.


Blister products allow a wide range of three-dimensional visual effects of the product and express the desired concept of a brand.
Made with a transparent film, packaging design makes the product not only visible but also light, portable and easy to use.

  • 2 Step
    • Two different formulas 1 and 2 are mixed, thus “2 Steps.” Active ingredients are separately stored and mixed immediately before application.
    • Various prescriptions for DIY purpose are available.
    • Special 2-Step Care offers various active ingredients or formula, such as essence, powder and capsule, which are separately stored and poured or mixed before application.
  • Modeling
    • Modeling packs, which are usually sold in large format, are made into one-time dosage packaged in a blister for daily use.
    • Designed for customers who want to experience salon care in the easy-to-use modeling pack format in the comfort of home
    • Simple and convenient Blister Modeling Pack. Simply mix with a varying amount of water suitable per skin type.
  • Multi-Purpose
    • Solution Care products suitable for various skin concerns are available in many product types: hair pack, scrub, peel-off pack, wash-off pack, sleeping pack and more.
    • Individual packaging, hygienic, convenient and portable, can be customized per concept or purpose.