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Introducing EzCostec, the leader in mask pack OEM & ODM production.


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Offering differentiated beauty from head to toe.

EzCostec boasts world-class bio cellulose masks. As Korea’s premier manufacturer and supplier of top-quality cosmetic products, EzCostec understands and implements what beauty consumers and makers value. By producing a wide range of cosmetic products and specializing in mask pack products for all body parts from face to foot, EzCostec goes hand in hand with customers in Korea and abroad in pursuit of refined beauty.
Through active investment EzCostec has established large-scale production systems and exclusive technology while collaborating with leading cosmetic corporations from around the world.

Company Organization

We at EzCostec promise to become a reliable partner with the best manpower and great synergy made with our customers.

  • Business Operation Support Team
  • Sales Team
    Domestic Sales
    Overseas Sales
    Sales Management
  • Product Planning Team
    Product Management
    Product Planning
  • Quality Control Team
  • Production Team
    Production Management
    Production Technology
    Material Management
  • Purchasing Team
    Domestic Purchasing
    Overseas Purchasing
  • Corporate Affiliated Research Center
  • Manufacturing Team
  • Logistics Team

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