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A team of outstanding researchers at EzCostec researches individual skin concerns and produce customized products.


Various products formulated with available and/or popular materials and ingredients are matched with optimized solutions or prescriptions can be developed as per request.

Bust Patch
Body Care
  • Point 01. By creating an air-tight environment on the skin surface, a sheet mask helps skin absorb active ingredients from essence.
  • Point 02. Depending on the efficacy of active ingredients and materials, features and effects may vary.

Body patches for removing dead skin cells and whitening skin

Spot patches can be applied to various areas in need of a dead skin or whitening care due to pigmentation!

Apply Dead Skin Care Patch on areas, such as elbow, knee, and heel, in need of dead skin care.
Apply Whitening Care Patch on areas, such as armpit or ankle bone in need of whitening care due to severe pigmentation and make skin look brighter.

Multi Body Patch

An intensive care for unsightly sagging skin!

Apply Multi Body Patch in area, such as neck, abdomen and chest in need of firming care and make skin more resilient and firmer-looking.

Hot Massage Body Patch

A skin-firming care to make skin smooth and resilient!

Active ingredients in body care products continue to penetrate into skin and fill with moisture and resilience while hot massaging effects make skin smooth and firmer-looking.

Fabric Types

Compare fabric by type.

  • Spun Lace
    • Affordable price
    • Dense structural composition
    • Low-irritant / Soft to touch
    • The most popular sheet type
  • Cotton
    • Natural fiber
    • Excellent absorption
  • Cellulose
    • Cooling effects
    • Excellent adhesiveness
    • Excellent absorption
    • Low-irritant
  • Micro-fiber
    • Thin fiber
    • Excellent delivery of active ingredients
    • Excellent adhesiveness & fixture
  • Vacuum Evaporation
    • Skin protection
    • Prevention of moisture evaporation