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A team of outstanding researchers at EzCostec researches individual skin concerns and produce customized products.

Hand & Foot

A premium intensive care for hands and feet, prone to over-use and exposure, offers salon-care effects in the comfort of home and leaves skin moist and healthy.

2 Step
2 Step
  • Product Types
    Pouch + Ampoule Type / Pouch + Syringe Ampoule Type
  • Specifications
    2 Step / Highly-functional Special Mask
  • Special Features
    • Made with dual pocket waterproof fabric and user-friendly ergo-dynamic design
    • Specially designed dual fabric makes it easy to use.
    • A special 2-step care with separate active ingredients using a highly concentrated ampoule or pouch.

What is 2 Step Special Mask?

Find out more about 2-Step Special Mask applied with EzCostec’s special technology.

Special Product Marketing

Special 2-step products composed of various formulations plus pouch packaging makes it possible for catchy promotions under various concepts.

Hydration, Moisturization + Functions

Additional functional ingredients for whitening and/or anti-wrinkle care customizable

Intensive Care

Divide the insufficient 1-step care into a 2-step product and package it as Premium for more effective, intensive care.

Protect active ingredients of essence

A 2-step packaging composed of a syringe or other formats protects active ingredients of essence.

2 Step Special Mask Types

Find out more about Special Mask types customizable at EzCostec.

  • Hand
  • Foot
  • Nail

Fabric Types

Find out more about fabric types customizable at EzCostec.

  • Dual fabric (PE+Felt)
    • A seal at the opening makes it hygienic.
    • Dual fabric prevents leakage.
  • Elastic Fabric
    • Firming skin care
    • Natural adhesiveness
  • Vacuum Fabric
    • Block the evaporation of skin’s heat
    • Prevent the evaporation of moisture